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Meet Baela

Baela is a bit of an outsider in her home village of Myva. Other villagers, call her ‘odd’ or ‘weird’ because she sometimes knows what they are thinking or feeling. Other girls don’t really like her being around. She has a volatile personality and is often argumentative. She argues especially with her twin brother, Fandi, who is her only real friend.

When she reaches the age of six, she is allocated a work detail, she is made a herder, caring for the beasts that feed and clothe the village. She loves spending time with her beasts, because they don’t judge her or call her names, even in their minds. By the time she is fourteen, she is responsible for a herd of about fifty beasts and is training a six-year-old assistant herder.

Baela is a little over a metre and a half tall. She is of a very slender build, although her frailness conceals muscles that can control the two-hundred-and-fifty kilo herd stud. Her mass of long hair is slightly darker than the colour of ripe wheat, Baela usually keeps it tied back using a length of cord.

Meet Fandi

Fandi is even less aware of his abilities than his sister. He gets along with others because he doesn’t listen to their thoughts or feelings. He is allocated work as a fisherman and is happy to spend his days hunting the sea for food. His big worry is that there isn’t as mush fish around as when he was an apprentice.

He is a little taller than his twin and his hair is a shade darker. He has the same wiry build, with muscles that aren’t noticeable until he uses them.

When Fandi is set the task by the Domstola of travelling to Musen in search of help to repair the oxygen plant, he is concerned by the possibility of stormy weather. He doesn’t let his fear rule him; he knows that no one else could undertake the perilous journey.