The Hope of the World

Publication Date 1st September 2020

In The End of the Beginning, fourteen year old twins, Baela and Fandi set sail on a quest to search for help to repair the failing oxygen plant on the island of Jakanum. The journey to Musen was about four thousand kilometres – a difficult journey in a climate not suited to humans.

They were swept away in a hurstorm, which injured Fandi and left Baela to try to find a way to complete their mission. During a journey that extends to fourteen thousand kilometres and takes more than a year, the twins, together with a group of friends, arrive in Musen.

The Hope of the World sees Baela and Fandi become more confident in their telepathic abilities. The Global Archive Network wants them to take a spaceships she has built and explore the galaxy. Baela and Fandi want to repair the oxygen plant in Myva and assist other communities struggling for survival. How can they reconcile two seemingly opposing journeys?

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Hardback ISBN: 9781800688599

Paperback ISBN: 9781800688582

Kindle ISBN: 9781800688612

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