The End of the Beginning

What would you do if you lived in a world of dwindling resources?

What would you do if you lived in world not completely suitable for human life?

What would you do when vital machinery started to break down, but no one had the knowledge to repair it?

What would you do to stay alive?

The Myva Oxygen Plant is the last remaining O Plant in Jakanum. The council of elders find that since a recent quake, the efficiency of the plant is falling. Elani, the Elder, recalls that a man visited the island from Musen, who understood about such things.

Fandi is a fourteen-year-old fisherman. He and his sister, leave their home in search of Musen. A violent hurstorm carries their boat off. Fandi is injured and the boat is damaged. It is up to Baela to find a way to get help, then to get home in time to save her people.

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